Red is a tall Irken character from the Nickelodeon Studios' TV series Invader Zim.


Red in his normal appearence

About him

Red is clearly the more competent one of the two Irken leaders, because he often dominates the speeches at every great assigning ceremony, where he also orders Purple to be shot in the eyes with lasers and then proceeds to grin at his friend's pain. When Red bullies Purple, the latter doesn't usually fight back: so in many ways, Purple is a punching bag for the former. On rare ocassions, Red can even be seen as being protective over Purple. He also takes the situation of their ship's loss of control by the horns, checking it manually for the source of the problem as well as disposing of their ruined power core, every time it goes out.


Red's friends include:

Purple, Zim, Tak, Connor, Aqua Cora, Krystle, Zile, Hinoki, and Hinokia


Red's enemies are unknown at the moment.