Tak is an Irken character who appeared in one episode of the Nickelodeon Studios' TV series Invader Zim.


Tak in her Irken form

About her

Tak is a former enemy, but now a friend of Zim. Her main goal was to take Zim's "mission" because Zim had ruined her training as an invader. 50 years prior to Zim's arrival on Earth, Tak was going through training to become an Irken elite, with the possibility of being chosen as an invader. Zim caused a blackout throughout half of Devastis when he chose to retrieve a snack from a faulty dispenser by using a large robot and shooting straight at it. The resulting explosion blasted half the planet's power grid and trapped Tak in a training cell on the day of examination. Eventually, Tak forgave Zim for what he did to her, and they became friends. 11 years ago, Tak returned to Irk, where she met and married a male Irken named Tic. She has two children with her husband: a son named Jotaro and a daughter named Reyenia.


Tak's family members are:

Tic (husband)

Jotaro (son)

Reyenia (daughter)


Tak's friends include:

Purple, Red, Zim, Connor, Aqua Cora, Krystle, Zile, Hinoki, Hinokia, Dib, Gaz,


Tak's only known enemy is the skool teacher, Ms. Bitters