Zim is an Irken and the title character from the Nickelodeon Studios' TV series of the same name.


Zim in his Irken form

About him

Zim wanted to go on a mission, so Red and Purple sent him to "invade" Earth, but they really did this just to get rid of him. There he met a human named Dib Membrane, who was an enemy at that time, but Zim eventually became friends with Dib, and he learned to love Earth, after spending many years there.

Role in Sabrina1985's media Edit

About 12 years ago, Zim returned to Irk, where he met and married a female Irken named Zimella. He has two children with his wife: a daughter named Jina and a son named Rentaro. He also taught his children to read and write in the human language, a trait that he learned while staying on Earth. When Jina and Rentaro were babies, Zim was always rocking them gently in his arms while softly whistling "Hush, Little Baby" as his method of getting them to fall asleep.


Zim's family members are:

Zimella (wife)

Jina (daughter)

Rentaro (son)


Zim's friends include:

Purple, Red, Tak, Connor, Aqua Cora, Krystle, Zile, Hinoki, Hinokia, Dib, Gaz, and Gir


Zim's only known enemy is the skool teacher, Ms. Bitters

Trivia Edit

Zim is able to whistle, as seen in "The Girl Who Cried Gnome," "The Nightmare Begins" and "The Wettening."

In "The Girl Who Cried Gnome", Zim comes outside, whistling "If You're Happy and You Know It" and holding a gopher.

In "The Nightmare Begins", Zim grabs GIR by the leash and drags him along towards the house while whistling and acting as if nothing happened.

In "The Wettening", Zim whistles as he walks over the watery land.