Little Miss Helpful is a character from the Little Miss book series created by Roger Hargreaves. She was slightly re-designed for The Mr. Men Show.

Miss Helpful

Little Miss Helpful as she appears in The Mr. Men Show

About her

In the books, Little Miss Helpful is a fuchsia oval-shaped Little Miss with blonde hair styled into mini-buns, a yellow circle-shaped nose, and wears a pair of green and white shoes. She is one of those people that loves to help and always ends up being more harm than good because she means well, but ends up making everything worse since she's ever so clumsy! She tries to tie Mr. Tall's shoelaces, but she ends up tying both shoes together. Then she tries to help Mr. Happy when he is sick by getting the cleaning supplies but her head was stuck in the bucket and she got trapped in the refrigerator. Mr. Happy tries to pull the bucket off of Miss Helpful's head, but it sends her flying into the lake. Now if she asks any of her friends if they need any help, they usually say "NO!"

In The Mr. Men Show, Little Miss Helpful has strawberry blonde hair in pigtails, a pink nose, wears a green fanny pack and green and white sneakers.