Little Miss Naughty is a character from the Little Miss book series created by Roger Hargreaves.

Miss Naughty

Little Miss Naughty as she appears in the Little Miss book series

About her

In the books, Little Miss Naughty is a lavender oval-shaped Little Miss with a lavender circle-shaped nose and a dark green bow. She likes playing practical jokes, so she awakens one day, thinking it looks like a good day for being naughty. She knocks Mr. Uppity's hat off his head and messes it up, breaks Mr. Clever's glasses, and steals Mr. Bump's bandages to put them on Mr. Small. Mr. Small meets with Mr. Impossible, who can make himself invisible and each time Miss Naughty tries to do something naughty, he tweaks her nose and it cures her of her naughtiness.

In The Mr. Men Show, Little Miss Naughty has pink puffy hair with pink curly pigtails, a light green bow, a dark fuchsia nose, and light pink rosy cheeks to make her look much more naughtier and much more mischievous.