Little Miss Scatterbrain is a character from the Little Miss book series created by Roger Hargreaves. Her male counterpart is Mr. Scatterbrain.

Miss Scatterbrain

Little Miss Scatterbrain

About her

Little Miss Scatterbrain is a red circle-shaped Little Miss who has a red nose, wears a green hat with a yellow ribbon tied around it, blue gloves, and purple shoes, and she also carries a yellow purse. She is the least intelligent person in the world even more than Mr. Dizzy, Mr. Forgetful, and Mr. Muddle because she forgets that she lives in Buttercup Cottage, can never remember the names of the other Mr. Men and Little Misses and calls them by the wrong names, and once she even forgot her own birthday! She also goes to the bank and tries to get sausages instead of money, and later calls the butcher "Mr. Beef" instead of "Mr. Pork."

Mr. RangersEdit

Miss Scatterbrain appears as a major character along with Miss Stubborn in the Mr. Rangers comic series. Both of them portray the comic relief characters, Bulk and Skull. Miss Scatterbrain takes the role of of Eugene "Skull" Skullovich.