Miss Selfish

Little Miss Selfish

Little Miss Selfish is a character from the Little Miss book series created by Roger Hargreaves. This book was a French exclusive and not released in English.

About herEdit

Little Miss Selfish is a green semi-circle shaped Little Miss with a peach circle-shaped nose, who wears a yellow hat with a blue stripe and pink bow, blue gloves, and yellow shoes. She meets the smiling Mr. Happy and says she can smile more beautifully then him in the first page of the book. Of course it's not true. She doesn't even care however. She meets Little Miss Shy and says that she doesn't blush and isn't shy. Little Miss Shy begins to cry. A wizard was watching and decides to teach her a lesson. She soon meets the wizard who has transformed into Mr. Messy. Mr. Messy says she'll never be as dirty as him. She rolls in a pile of mud and becomes incredibly dirty. Her mouth is now covered in mud and she is dirtier than Mr. Messy. She goes into town and meets the wizard who is transformed into Mr. Bump. He says "I'm sure you will never have as much misfortune as me." Little Miss Selfish goes off and bumps her head really hard to prove she can have more bad luck. It hurts very badly. She meets the wizard who has turned into Mr. Greedy. He says he bets she could never eat more than him. She eats a huge amount of food. The problem now is she's very dirty, in a lot of pain, and she has eaten too much. She left and swore she wouldn't do it again. The wizard meets a changed Little Miss Selfish the next day and asks her what she will call herself, concluding the story.

Role in Sabrina1985's media Edit

In Sabrina1985's media, Miss Selfish is very cruel, mean, nasty, rude, greedy, and self-centered, and the only things that she cares for are: herself, Mr. Rude, and their son, Rude, Jr. She recently learned that her fiance has another son from a previous relationship, which completely shocked her. Miss Selfish is Taikino's stepmother and Rude, Jr.'s birth mother. Just like Mr. Rude, Miss Selfish hates Taikino with a passion, but loves Rude, Jr. so much and is willing to spoil him rotten.


Miss Selfish's family members are:

Mr. Rude (fiance)

Madame Mal-eleve (sister-in-law)

Papa Rude (father-in-law)

Mama Rude (mother-in-law)

Taikino (stepson)

Rude, Jr. (son)


Miss Selfish has a few friends and they are:

Mr. Crosspatch, Mr. Mean, Mr. Uppity, Mr. Hypocrite, Miss Vain, Miss Splendid, Miss Proper, Miss Ruthless, Mr. Disaster, Mr. Evil, and Mr. Shadow


Miss Selfish has a bunch of enemies as well and they are:

Mr. Happy, Mr. Funny, Mr. Grumpy, Mr. Nosey, Mr. Noisy, Mr. Chatterbox, Mr. Nonsense, Mr. Silly, Mr. Impossible, Mr. Bounce, Mr. Small, Mr. Mischief, Mr. Tickle, Mr. Scatterbrain, Mr. Stubborn, Mr. Bump, Mr. Predicament, Mr. Normal, Mr. Brainiac, Mr. Unbirthday, Mr. Colorful, Mr. Stupid, Mr. Muddle, Mr. Cocky, Miss Whoops, Miss Calamity, Miss Stubborn, Miss Scatterbrain, Miss Naughty, Miss Tiny, Miss Helpful, Miss Chatterbox, Miss Curious, Miss Loud, Miss Magic, Miss Giggles, Miss Sunshine, Miss Independent, Miss Sexy, Miss Fangirl, Miss Fortune, Miss Beanie, Goldie, Nosekina, Noisettia, Pipsquirtia, Maci, and Jordan

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