Little Miss Sexy is a fanmade Little Miss created by Brainiac Adam.
Miss Sexy

Little Miss Sexy

About herEdit

Little Miss Sexy is the sexiest and most attractive Little Miss in the entire universe. She is a yellow oval who has strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, a yellow nose, big breasts, beauty and sexiness, and wears a red dress with matching high-heeled shoes. On occasions, she will use flirtatious behavior in the form of stripping by taking off her top to flash her boobs, shocking those who got flashed at by making their jaws drop. Miss Sexy is Mr. Brainiac's girlfriend because Mr. Brainiac loves attractive women or "hot babes" as he calls them, so he's lucky he bumped into her.

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  • B. Orchid (Killer Instinct, both are sexy and have big boobs)
  • Emma Frost (X-Men, both are sexy)
  • Jessica Rabbit (Who Framed Roger Rabbit, both are flirty, attractive, and wear red dresses)
  • Rouge the Bat (Sonic the Hedgehog, both are sexy and flirty)
  • Boob Lady (The Simpsons Movie, both have big boobs)
  • Megara (Hercules, Disney, both are flirty)

Role in Sabrina1985's mediaEdit

In Sabrina1985's fandom, Little Miss Sexy is a member of the Benevolent Beanies. Her teammates are: Lola Bunny, Sans the skeleton, Papyrus the skeleton, Sabrina1985, and Brainiac Adam. Miss Sexy's battle techniques are punching, kicking, jumping, repeatedly performing a chopping motion on the opponent with the side of her opened hand and jumping up high into the air with her leg bent and then extends it as she strikes them with a kick with one of her feet. Her finishing move consists of turning her back to her teammates, and without them viewing, she then powerfully strikes an opponent with her sexiness by unzipping and opening her shirt to show her breasts to any of them who are facing in front of her. Then, she spins her newly bared breasts around like a lasso to enlarge them to an impossibly and unnaturally large size that is over twice their original size, then she uses her newly ridiculously proportioned enlarged breasts as a melee weapon by swinging them back and forth from side to side like a baseball bat and hitting the opponent which causes physical damage in the form of him or her losing half of his or her health. The reaction to this technique is different, depending on which gender the opponent is. Males will be shocked and delighted because it gets them very excited and they show this in the form of doing the classic Tex Avery expression wild take where they go completely bonkers by doing some kind of happy dance where they bounce up and down uncontrollably as their ears steam, eyes bulge out while the pupils are replaced by a heart shape in each eye, jaws drop, tongues fly out, pant like dogs, and howl like wolves. And in addition to this, they will also refer to her as the "hot babe who flashes her boobs" after she has performed this move on them. Females will stomp their heels in frustrated jealousy because she is a very sexy and attractive woman who was actually born with an outer appearance that is the physical beauty standards set by the media, and they want the outer beauty that she has. Miss Sexy is a yellow oval who has strawberry blonde hair, a yellow nose, beauty, sexiness, big breasts, and wears a red dress and matching shoes. She is slightly vain because she likes to refer to herself as an attractive fair maiden by saying "I'm the only fair maiden on this team." One of her personal hobbies is collecting posters and magazines with very muscular male models because she finds them to be sexy and attractive. Miss Sexy is the main rival of Little Miss Ruthless.

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