Little Miss Tiny is a character from the Little Miss book series created by Roger Hargreaves.

Miss Tiny

Little Miss Tiny

About her

Little Miss Tiny isn't just small, she's a tiny pink circle-shaped Little Miss with a blue bow, who is less than 1 and a half inch tall in height. She lives in a little mouse hole in a house, and it has a tiny bed, chair, and dining table with a teacup! One day, she explores the outdoors and gets frightened by large animals, but Mr. Strong comes along and saves her.

Role in Sabrina1985's mediaEdit

In Sabrina1985's fanon, Miss Tiny is married to Mr. Small, and they have eight children: Miss Puny, Mr. Dimnutive, Mr. Little, Mr. Mini, Miss Pipsqueak, Miss Lilliputian, Mr. Teeny, and Leo.


Miss Tiny has a very large family and they are:

Mr. Small (husband)

Miss Puny (daughter)

Mr. Dimnutive (son)

Mr. Little (son)

Mr. Mini (son)

Miss Pipsqueak (daughter)

Miss Lilliputian (daughter)

Mr. Teeny (son)

Leo (son)


Miss Tiny has a lot of friends and they are:

Mr. Happy, Mr. Funny, Mr. Grumpy, Mr. Nosey, Mr. Noisy, Mr. Chatterbox, Mr. Nonsense, Mr. Silly, Mr. Impossible, Mr. Topsy-Turvy, Mr. Bounce, Mr. Mischief, Mr. Tickle, Mr. Scatterbrain, Mr. Stubborn, Mr. Bump, Mr. Predicament, Mr. Normal, Mr. Brainiac, Mr. Unbirthday, Mr. Colorful, Mr. Stupid, Mr. Muddle, Mr. Cocky, Miss Contrary, Miss Whoops, Miss Calamity, Miss Stubborn, Miss Scatterbrain, Miss Naughty, Miss Helpful, Miss Chatterbox, Miss Curious, Miss Loud, Miss Magic, Miss Giggles, Miss Sunshine, Miss Independent, Miss Unpredictable, Miss Nostalgic, Miss Literal, Miss Sexy, Miss Fangirl, Miss Fortune, Miss Beanie, Goldie, Nosekina, Noisettia, Pipsquirtia, Maci, and Jordan


Miss Tiny also has a few enemies and they are:

Mr. Crosspatch, Mr. Rude, Mr. Mean, Mr. Uppity, Mr. Hypocrite, Anti-Brainiac, Dark Normal, Evil Beanie, Miss Selfish, Miss Vain, Miss Splendid, Miss Proper, Miss Ruthless, Madame Mal-eleve, Mr. Disaster, Mr. Evil, Mr. Shadow