Mario is a character from Nintendo's video game series Mario.

About him

Mario is a short, pudgy, Italian-American carpenter turned plumber who was born in Brooklyn, New York along with his younger brother, Luigi. They now live in the Mushroom Kingdom, as a result of being warped there by accident. The Mario brothers often dreamed of going on adventures when they grew up, they always pretended to be rescuing princessess (played by their cousins, Marianne and Luigeena), who were kidnapped by two bad guys (played by their other cousins, Mario Joe and Luigi Bob). Many years later, Mario and Luigi were accidentally warped into the mushroom kingdom while working on a bathtub drain in Brooklyn. After traveling through the warp drain, Mario defeated Bowser's Koopa Troopas, saved the princess Peach, and halted Bowser's plan to conquer the mushroom kingdom. Peach has been Mario's girlfriend, ever since he told Peach of his love for her at a tennis match.


Mario's family members are:

Luigi (brother)

Marianne (cousin)

Luigeena (cousin)

Mario Joe (cousin)

Luigi Bob (cousin)


Mario's friends include:

Link, Zelda, Luigi, Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, Brainiac Adam and Yoshi


Mario has a few enemies and they are:

Bowser, Tatanga, Wario, Bowser Jr, The koopalings, and Ganondorf

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