Mr. Scatterbrain is a Mr. Men character created for The Mr. Men Show. He is a male counterpart of Miss Scatterbrain from the Little Miss book series created by Roger Hargreaves.
Mr. Scatterbrain

Mr. Scatterbrain

About himEdit

Mr. Scatterbrain is a magenta pear-shaped Mr. Men who has a unibrow, a big pink nose, speaks with a New York accent and also a lisp, suffers from short term memory loss, keeps a lot of animal friends for pets ranging from penguins and iguanas to monkeys and kangaroos, has a wide collection of random items, and wears a blue hat with a stripe on it.


Mr. Scatterbrain's pets are:        

Horse: Montegue

Monkeys: Bunko, Fiona, Fritz, and Fifi

Iguana: Mustard

Turtle: Sunscreen

Pig: Oinker

Goat: Blueberry

Kangaroo: Penguin

Camel: Cicero

Chameleon: Milty

Gorilla: Thurston

Elephants: Penelope and Petula

Penguins: Mo, Flo, Bo, Marty, and Florence

Cow: Bartelby

Turkey: Beanburger

Venus Flytrap: Loretto

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