Chester in his Nerdluck form

Chester is a fan-created Nerdluck character made by Sabrina1985.

About himEdit

Chester was born on January 21, 1990 on Moron Mountain to his parents, Brandon and Billie. He is a light brown male Nerdluck with burgandy eyes, who wears a burgandy ribbon around his neck. Chester is smart, serious, and content, which means that he has matured a lot since Delia first met him. When Delia first met Chester, he was angry at the world, he directed a lot of this anger towards Mr. Swackhammer and Andross for the former bosses' plan to enslave the Star Beanie team, his parents, and the other employees. Mr. Swackhammer and Andross teamed up and decided to co-own both Moron Mountain and Venom, because they were tired of competing with each other, and set a cleverly disguised trap to capture the Star Beanie team by hiding a warp tile in Sector Z, which warped them from Lylat to Moron Mountain. After the Cornerian mercinaries had arrived on Moron Mountain, the evil bosses revealed that their own boss, an apocalyptic demon named Night Terror wanted to destroy the heroric people of planet Earth and various fandoms and let the villains rule the world permanantly, so he made a deal with them to cause destruction to the Earth and various fandoms: the deal was if the Star Beanie team were Moron Mountain's new attractions, the Nerdlucks could become a part of Venom's army and attack Corneria's army. Then they would take co-ownership of Moron Mountain and Venom and enslave the Star Beanie team and the Nerdlucks to make both groups work long hours with a lunch break in between. They decided they would pay their employees millions and millions of dollars, which was more money than the Cornerian army was paid! Chocolate overheard the conversation between Mr. Swackhammer and Andross, so he went to warn his friends and the Star Beanie team about what he had heard, so the Nerdlucks decided to help the Star Beanie team save Corneria. The only Nerdluck who refused to help the Cornerian army was Redondo, because he liked the idea of his future rolling in cash! Redondo went see Mr. Swackhammer and Andross about working for them, so they hired him by bribing him with the promise of immense riches and gave him a magical key which will allow him to rule the Space Jam and Star Fox portions of the fandoms. Vino felt his world fell apart right then and there, as he lost his friend, who betrayed him for money. Redondo smirked condescendingly at the other Nerdlucks, as he said these words: "I never liked any of you, I've always pretended to be your friend. You guys are really stupid to help Coneria and get paid less, while I will get the biggest amount of money by getting tons of it. Of course, that's not until after Venom's army has invaded Cornerian territory. And guess what? I'll be extremely rich, while all of you will regret helping Corneria! HAH!!!" Chester's tone of voice grew so hard, it was almost menacing, a sneer crossed his face, and his eyes narrowed as he looked at Redondo. "You... TRAITOR, come a little closer and let me strangle you!!!", the brown Nerdluck snapped sharply at the red Nerdluck. Redondo laughed at Chester's reply, as he answered: "As if you could! I NOW have the better end of the stick!" Chester glared hard at Redondo, while Vino let out tears filled with grief and sorrow mixed with brotherly love turning into bitter, seething hatred towards his former friend. This new war lasted two months, and Corneria won the battle once again. After the huge battle between Corneria and Venom, Chester studied up in martial arts, he never had any martial arts training before then. The self discipline he learned in martial arts has helped him immensely. He feels angry at the world often, but has learned to take out his frustrations by praticing new moves in his martial arts training. Not very often does he josh around with anyone but Dashylle. Chester is one of the five Nerdlucks who is one of the Star Beanie team's main members. Chester is Delia's boyfriend and will be the father of Kendra and Hershey in the future. He can't stand when Raisin flirts with other girls, but at least he is more open-minded about it than Blades is. Chester can transform into his anthro Nerdluck and Monstar forms without needing to absorb energy. The only way for a male Nerdluck to get this ability is from his mother, because only female Nerdlucks can transform without absorbing energy, while male Nerdlucks usaually have to absorb energy.


Brandon the nerdluck (father)

Billie the nerdluck (mother)

Lydia the nerdluck (sister)

Delia Brenda Knightley (wife)

Kendra Elizabeth Knightley (daughter)

Hunter Knightley (son)

Rigel Deylen (brother-in-law)

Blakeley Deylen (nephew)


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