Sans is a character in the 2015 indie-game Undertale. He is a skeleton and the older brother of Papyrus.
Sans by siondert626

About him Edit

Sans is a short, big-boned, very much distorted, simplified, and stylized skeleton who is seen with a grinning dimpled smile on his face at all times and hardly moves the corners of his mouth. He wears an unzipped blue hoodie or simple jacket, a white t-shirt or turtleneck sweater, black shorts with white stripes and a pair of sneakers or slippers. Sans is very observant, kind, reassuring, very lazy and laid back because he can be seen sleeping on the job and taking breaks often, enjoys making bad skeleton-related puns although he is a talented comedian, reads science fiction, loves to drink ketchup, has some skill in playing the trombone, and hates making promises because of the thought of having to harm a human, as he promises to protect them. In battle, he is able to move exceedingly quickly and/or teleport, shoots what appears to be a kind of laser beam from a device resembling a goat or dragon skull, and when using magic, his eyes flash cyan and yellow and this starts off merely glowing, but they start to flash vividly as he utilizes his time warping powers. These traits show that he exceeds in fighting skills with his tricks in attack layout. Sans comes from a scientific background because there is a quantum physics book, workshop, and broken machine found in his house. He cares a lot for and admires his brother by reading him bedtime stories, giving him presents under the identity of Santa, and liking to mess with him to the annoyance of his brother, but is worried about others hurting Papyrus or taking advantage of him because if someone was to kill Papyrus, Sans would resent them greatly and say "Try running and you will end up having a bad time" to them in a menacing tone. Despite being a skeleton, Sans' hands do not resemble a skeleton's because this is an abnormality and he wears gloves as his hometown's climate is cold, although he shouldn't get cold because he has no nerve cells. In addition to this, his ankles are not very bone-like, he wears clothes, eats food, and doesn't seem to be the least bit inconvenienced by the whole 'lack of flesh' thing. Sans appears to be left-handed because he greets people with a handshake using his left hand, holds and drinks a ketchup bottle with his left hand while dining at restaurants, and steers a tricycle using his left hand while keeping his right hand in his jacket. Sans is extremely knowledgeable about almost everything that goes on in the world, but spends all his time loafing around and making puns for his own amusement. He's humble about it too, because he never puts himself in the spotlight.  

Family Edit

Dr. W. D. Gaster (father, deceased)

Carolina the skeleton (mother, deceased)

Katelynn Fisher (wife)

Kozuka the skeleton (son)

Papyrus the skeleton (brother)

Hazel Griggs (sister-in-law)

Desdemona the skeleton (niece)

Constantia the skeleton (niece)

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Role in Sabrina1985's media Edit

In Sabrina1985's media, Sans is a member of the Benevolent Beanies. His teammates are: Little Miss Sexy, Lola Bunny, Papyrus the skeleton, Sabrina1985, and Brainiac Adam.  Sans' battle techniques are punching, kicking, jumping, moving exceedingly quickly by running forward and leaping from side to side as he lunges at the opponent at a speed that makes him almost invisible while he disappears and reappears to forcefully charge into the opponent and then drops onto them with his full body weight, teleporting, shooting a laser beam from a device that resembles a goat skull or a dragon skull, summoning jagged bones that shoot out of the ground to halt his opponents' movements, forming a cage of bones that surrounds his opponents and starts enclosing in on them, and using magical spells that he unleashes from the power of his mind's imagination by starting to stare intently at his opponents, while his eyes flash yellow and this starts off merely glowing, but they start to flash vividly as he keeps staring at them long enough to have his magic to slowly start practically enveloping his opponents' human forms and turning them into skeletons with voided black eye sockets with little pupils the same color as their eyes. He is a short, big-boned, very much distorted, simplified, and stylized skeleton who speaks in a calm and hypnotizing deep and goofy voice that is a variety of a New York accent, has a laugh that is a low-pitched chuckle, has large voided black eye sockets with blue pupils in them, is always seen with a grinning dimpled smile on his face at all times and hardly moves the corners of his mouth, has a round skull which is just not even close to the real thing as a human skeleton's, abnormal hands do not resemble a human skeleton's, and not very bone-like ankles. Sans wears an unzipped blue hoodie, a white t-shirt, black shorts with white stripes and a pair of slippers. He is a few inches shorter than five foot six, very observant, kind and reassuring, understanding and thankful, loving, caring, very lazy, laid back, sleeping on the job and taking breaks often, is a talented comedian who enjoys making deliberately-bad skeleton-related puns to tickle the funnybones of his audiences for good-natured ribbing, can not only do pretty good impressions of his teammates but also a great impression of his brother because his teammates are able to recognize Papyrus via his voice, and has adorable childlike joy, very cheerful, and is a bit playful because he doesn't mind teasing his teammates a bit. However, he is shown to become much more energetic in battle because he gets motivated to take a stand, step in, and take action and is eerily serious when angry and instantly uses his powers if he senses something wrong in serious situations and puts on a facade of humor to hide his very dark and very serious side. When Sans speaks, females are always hypnotized the deepness of his voice, which is so composed and so polite, this has always caused a woman to fall in love at first hearing him talk. However, at one time, Sans was so lazy, that he wouldn't date or get into a romantic relationship with anyone. No female had ever gotten Sans' attention though many had tried, even though Sans refused to go there. Whenever he's feeling awkward, self-conscious, nervous, embarrassed, uncertain, or lying, Sans will rub the back of his head or neck with one hand, with a patently fake grin and laugh. He deliberately acts friendly to and does unambiguously care about people he doesn't know, and while it's likely sincere to some degree, he clearly remains wary of their actions until they prove they will be true friends who he can truly trust. Sans recently revealed a deep dark secret to his teammates: his laziness is a combination of fatalism and apathy and actually wonders if his indolence stems from his knowledge because he knows it is "a poor excuse for being lazy." He has a scientific background because he has an affinity for science, owns a quantum physics book, enjoys reading and watching science fiction stories, and has a strange machine which seems to be broken inside of his workshop. Sans knows about all kinds of incredible foods, but he always orders the worst burger off the menu whenever he, his brother, and their teammates go out to eat at a restaurant. Not only does Sans love to eat, he almost seems to go out of his way to have as unhealthy a diet as possible because usually eats out every night, loves to drink ketchup, and only recently began attempting to cook. However, Sans' insatiable ketchup lust can never be quenched, so he proceeds to chug the entire bottle in one sitting.  He is the older brother of Papyrus, and cares a lot for and admires his brother by reading him bedtime stories, giving him presents under the identity of Santa, and liking to mess with him to the annoyance of his brother, but is worried about others hurting Papyrus or taking advantage of him. Sans' relationship with Papyrus is remarkably strong because he considers his dorky brother the coolest person he knows and admires Papyrus in this way, even though Sans is very popular with his town's residents. Sans has even mentioned to his teammates that he appreciates Papyrus' nagging, since it's the only thing that actually motivates him to do anything productive. As a result of this, Sans shelters Papyrus from the truth a lot to protect his naiivety because he doesn't want to hurt or scare his brother, and as a result of this, Sans is always saying nice things about Papyrus. Not only is Sans five years older than Papyrus, but since the two of them have no other family to be found, Sans raised Papyrus by himself when the they were younger due to the death of their father after he had fallen into a machine that he had created. Sans and Papyrus were born and raised in an Earth-like dimension called "Skelirth" which is inhabited by anthro skeletons, and they lived a happy life with their parents, W.D. Gaster and his wife Carolina. Unfortunately, Carolina had turned to dust only a few hours after Papyrus was born, and this left Gaster to raise his then-young sons on his own. Gaster decided to move away from Skelirth and start fresh, and so the family of three moved to Snowdin. Although Sans is a genuinely nice guy and always acts it, he actively threatens and is completely prepared and willing to stone-cold murder someone if they were to kill Papyrus because he cares a lot about his beloved brother and thinks the world of him. This means Sans would resent them greatly and say "Try running and you will end up having a bad time" to them in a menacing tone that becomes like ice as he just stares straight at them while his eye sockets become pitch black, this means that things have just gotten real. Then, Sans would come down upon the individual's wickedness like a ton of bricks, treat them absolutely ruthlessly, and chastise him or her by delivering brutal talk to remind them just how low they went by insulting, mocking, and tormenting them with deliberately-unfair attacks in the form of a furious onslaught of rapid-fire bone attacks against them, which would kill them with an unavoidable attack that drops health point-by-point very rapidly in the form of residual damage, as he cheats, lies, and rubs his own power in their faces. Before fighting Sans, he would ask them if they think "anyone can be a good person if they just try", then laugh before the opponent would be able to give an answer, as he would then ask if they "wanna have a bad time", which means he would take them aside and give them a very clear warning prior to a fight with Papyrus. This means that anybody who successfully invokes Sans' wrath learns to fear him, because they find themselves wishing they had listened. It upsets him when people badmouth his brother, especially when Papyrus is trying hard to better himself. Sans is normally peaceful and quiet at times, but he will get venomous when pushed enough and will rant because he slowly has enough of the abuse thrown at his brother, and knows that Papyrus is too precious to be attacked since he is the most purest and angelic skeleton that you will ever meet. He is married to a human woman named Katelynn Fisher, who is one of the best computer programmers in all of Mount Ebott, and she had met Sans at a computer convention that had been held there. Sans had known Katelynn for two years before he introduced her to the family, but they were all ready in love by then and married shortly after. When he introduced his then-girlfriend to the family for the very first time, Papyrus had a slack jawed and wide eyed expression of total disbelief as he saw Sans striding in with Katelynn hand-in-hand. "Sans, you know I just feel that I have to say this. What is the big idea bringing her home with you?", Papyrus' tone became tight. "Papyrus, I'd like you to meet Katelynn Fisher. I have known her for a few years now and I asked her if she was ready for me to bring her here to meet everybody.", Sans answered calmly. Sans sat down on the couch and Katelynn sat beside him, taking his hand. He informed her that she shouldn't expect a warm welcome from Papyrus, because "he won't be rude but he will be a bit…formal" had been Sans' words of what to expect from his brother. Papyrus raised his eye ridges slightly as he looked Katelynn over; his stance was intimidating to her. "It is a pleasure having you here, Katelynn.", he said very formally and politely, but she had the strangest feeling he wasn't too happy to have her there in spite of his words. Papyrus' eyes narrowed as he glanced in Sans' direction, but Sans did not flinch under his brother's hard steely glare, and seemed quite willing to incur Papyrus' wrath to bring Katelynn home. Papyrus knew that meant one thing: Sans had to be serious about Katelynn. "Papyrus, you know Sans would not bring harm to the family. If he trusts Katelynn, then we should accept his judgement and faith in her.", Hazel whispered by speaking softly as she gazed at Papyrus and recalled that Sans had been the same way with him when she was just a guest who was visiting in their home. Hazel, Desdemona, and Constantia seemed to approve of Katelynn and Papyrus was slowly coming around and easing up as he learned a bit more about her and the time she and Sans had spent together, and once he got to know Katelynn, his instincts would quickly reassure him that she wasn't any real threat to his family. As they ate the salad, spaghetti, meatballs, and garlic bread that Papyrus had prepared for the night, Sans noticed Constantia watching him and Katelynn with much interest and doing her best to be inconspicuous about it as possible, and she piped up with "Uncle Sans, are you going to get married to Katelynn?", as Katelynn ducked her head and blushed a bit. "Constantia!" Papyrus snapped as the skeleton child flinched a bit then glanced at her dad. "What? What did I say?" she demanded, while Papyrus glowered at her as he replied with, "We'll talk later now hush." "I didn't do anything wrong.", Constantia protested as she stared sulkily at the remains of her meal. Papyrus wasn't really mad at his daughter in spite of his sharp tone; he just wanted her to be a bit more attentive of what she said. "Katelynn and I are only good friends. We haven't discussed it any further, I know your dad and mom married, but that doesn't mean it is right for Katelynn and I or that we even want to okay?", Sans explained trying to let her know that he understood her curiosity and that there really wasn't any need for hard feelings between them. "Okay. I'm sorry.", Constantia whispered as she obviously knew an apology was needed and so she offered it, while Katelynn gave her an endearing smile. "It is all right. You were only asking a question, you didn't know.", Katelynn told her. Then the skeleton child looked up and smiled at Katelynn as if grateful for her kind words and understanding. She has been his wife for five years now, since Desdemona and Constantia were 11-years-old when Sans met Katelynn. Sans and Katelynn are the proud parents of a son named Kozuka. Sans has changed drastically since Kozuka's birth because he had real interest in, concern for, and was fully ready to handle the responsibility and challenge of raising and caring for a child, spent several hours at nighttime reading various books about raising children because was he constantly trying to understand his newborn son's wants and needs, was always using his willing capable hands to fish the young skeleton/human hybrid out of trouble of getting into a spot that just wasn't too safe for him during the child's early days as an infant or toddler, and has a desire to protect Kozuka and keep him safe. Sans is the main rival of Nega Sans.

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Trivia Edit

In the Japanese dub of Undertale, Sans' name is "サンズ", which is romanized as "Sansu", and pronounced as "Sa-n-zu"

Since Sans and Papyrus manifest Gaster Blasters, this implies they are biologically related to W.D. Gaster and thus "Gaster" would be their last name.

One can believe that Sans wants to kill them because he has the ability to actually kill them, before they find out that he sure likes making puns and is the comic relief to Papyrus 's straight man because being funny doesn't make you weak.