Sans is a character in the 2015 indie-game Undertale. He is a skeleton and the older brother of Papyrus.
Sans by siondert626

About him Edit

Sans is a short, big-boned, very much distorted, simplified, and stylized skeleton who is seen with a grinning dimpled smile on his face at all times and hardly moves the corners of his mouth. He wears an unzipped blue hoodie or simple jacket, a white t-shirt or turtleneck sweater, black shorts with white stripes and a pair of sneakers or slippers. Sans is very observant, kind, reassuring, very lazy and laid back because he can be seen sleeping on the job and taking breaks often, enjoys making bad skeleton-related puns although he is a talented comedian, reads science fiction, loves to drink ketchup, has some skill in playing the trombone, and hates making promises because of the thought of having to harm a human, as he promises to protect them. In battle, he is able to move exceedingly quickly and/or teleport, shoots what appears to be a kind of laser beam from a device resembling a goat or dragon skull, and when using magic, his eyes flash cyan and yellow and this starts off merely glowing, but they start to flash vividly as he utilizes his time warping powers. These traits show that he exceeds in fighting skills with his tricks in attack layout. Sans comes from a scientific background because there is a quantum physics book, workshop, and broken machine found in his house. He cares a lot for and admires his brother by reading him bedtime stories, giving him presents under the identity of Santa, and liking to mess with him to the annoyance of his brother, but is worried about others hurting Papyrus or taking advantage of him because if someone was to kill Papyrus, Sans would resent them greatly and say "Try running and you will end up having a bad time" to them in a menacing tone. Despite being a skeleton, Sans' hands do not resemble a skeleton's because this is an abnormality and he wears gloves as his hometown's climate is cold, although he shouldn't get cold because he has no nerve cells. In addition to this, his ankles are not very bone-like, he wears clothes, eats food, and doesn't seem to be the least bit inconvenienced by the whole 'lack of flesh' thing. Sans appears to be left-handed because he greets people with a handshake using his left hand, holds and drinks a ketchup bottle with his left hand while dining at restaurants, and steers a tricycle using his left hand while keeping his right hand in his jacket. Sans is extremely knowledgeable about almost everything that goes on in the world, but spends all his time loafing around and making puns for his own amusement. He's humble about it too, because he never puts himself in the spotlight.  

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Role in Sabrina1985's media Edit

In Sabrina1985's media, Sans is a member of the Benevolent Beanies. His teammates are: Little Miss Sexy, Lola Bunny, Papyrus the skeleton, Sabrina1985, and Brainiac Adam. 

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Trivia Edit

In the Japanese dub of Undertale, Sans' name is "サンズ", which is romanized as "Sansu", and pronounced as "Sa-n-zu"

Since Sans and Papyrus manifest Gaster Blasters, this implies they are biologically related to W.D. Gaster and thus "Gaster" would be their last name.

One can believe that Sans wants to kill them because he has the ability to actually kill them, before they find out that he sure likes making puns and is the comic relief to Papyrus 's straight man because being funny doesn't make you weak.

In one of Sabrina1985's ideas for one of the Benevolent Beanies stories, Sans is going to become gender reversed by taking a sip of an extremely rare multi-colored rainbow drink, which is a genderbender potion concorction that has no scent at all if he tries to smell it, but it tastes like very strong and sickly sweet perfumed oranges. And upon the very first sip, it will reverse his gender by turning him into a female named "Sienna." The effects last until they wear off, then Sienna changes back into Sans.