Sauria after her mutation

Sabrina (better known as "Sauria") is the fan-made Mortal Kombat sona of Sabrina1985.

About herEdit

Sauria is a former human, who was kidnapped then turned into a saurian by Shao Kahn and Shang Tsung, using a mixture of human DNA and saurian DNA. She is a bipedal humanoid lizard with dark brown curly hair and brown eyes, who wears glasses, a yellow shirt, and blue shorts. Her best and closest friend is Adam Legend, a young man who is a human/edenian hybrid and works as a lieutenant in the British special forces. Just before she mutated, Sabrina's real memory was erased and stored in a small silver box known as a memory controller, which had been stolen from a labrotory in the Earthrealm. After the mutating process was over, Shao Kahn replaced Sabrina's real memory with a terrible, twisted tale of how Lieutenant Adam Legend was responsible for her being changed into this new form, which was actually a lie. Adam had heard about Shao Kahn's kidnapping of Sabrina and her mutation, because it was breaking news all over the world. So, Adam decided to rescue Sauria from her kidnapper, vowing to defeat Shao Kahn once and for all. A few hours after her mutation, Sauria looked up with fear filled eyes and saw Adam, as she pushed him up against a wall, and started yelling at him: "Get away from me! Shao Kahn told me how you kidnapped and mutated me." She was just about to attack him, when Shao Kahn entered the room with the memory controller in his hand, as he said these words: "Shall I play a memory from before your mutation, Sauria? I think you will enjoy it. As for you, Lieutenant Legend, enjoy a preview of your future, because I will make sure this will happen to you as well." He pressed a button on the memory controller, and suddenly there was an image of Sauria in her human form, strapped to a table, while Shao Kahn and Shang Tsung were laughing at her. She fought against the restraints until she realized that they weren't going to break, and could feel something cold and slimy splatter on her skin and she shuddered. And then she changed into her saurian form, then the image disappeared. Shao Kahn had an evil smile on his face, as he replied: "Ah, yes. It panics you that I can play thoughts and events back to you. This box is nothing more than a computer: I can open any file I want, and I play any software I choose." Then, the evil villian left the room, and Adam put his hand on Sauria's shoulder to comfort her, while talking to her in a calm, quiet voice, as she sobbed and collapsed into his arms. After she stopped crying, Sauria looked at him as she slowly touched his hand, and a small smile wavered at her mouth as the anger and hatred of her "enemy" disappeared. Adam and Sauria escaped from the Outworld and traveled back to the Earthrealm, however Sauria was not going to return to the United States, she decided to follow Adam back to his home in the United Kingdom. Once there, Adam began to teach Sauria some moves that would help her if she ever decided to enter the Mortal Kombat tournament, because she never had any martial arts training before her mutation. The self discipline she learned in martial arts has helped her immensely, because she can jump extremely high, use her highly developed legs, and very powerful tail for attacking. Sauria has matured a lot since Adam first met her. When Adam first met Sauria, she was angry at the world and directed a lot of this anger towards Shao Kahn and Shang Tsung for turning her into a mutant. She feels angry at the world often, but has learned to take out her frustrations by drawing on the computer, listening to music, swimming, and practicing new moves in her martial arts training. After the Deadly Alliance had been defeated, Adam helped Sauria achieve her ultimate goal: to be turned back into a human and restore every one of her real memories. And after Sauria became human again, Jerrod had given her new technique where she can change into a saurian if she needs to. With immense concentration, Sauria is able to change her body image to one with more saurian like features. Sauria has a secret romantic love interest in Adam Legend, but has only kept that thought to herself and would never openly admit those feelings to people around her.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Wiggle - She gets out a rubber ball with two straws taped to it and wiggles to annoy enemies, this is just a taunt and not a physical attack

Wiggle stick boomerang - She throws her wiggle stick at the enemy which causes non-violent physical damage by causing them to lose half of their health, then it comes back into her hands like a boomerang

Power of love - A unique technique, where she summons a pink flash of light that makes a ringing sound effect and two sets of three liquid heart silhouettes that turn into solid floating hearts, which appear above her hands, and she tosses them to two people who have had a bitter hatred for one another, and it instantly turns them into close and best friends. The hearts cause non-violent physical damage by feeling like someone is gently rubbing the palm of their hand over the opponents' shoulders.

Love attack - She summons a pink flash of light that makes a ringing sound effect with a giant liquid heart silhouette that turns into a solid floating heart in the palms of her hands, and she then shoots it to her opponent, which causes non-violent physical damage by feeling like someone is gently rubbing the palm of their hand over the opponent's shoulders and makes them walk over to her and give her a hug. When she uses this technique outside of a battle to break evil spells and restore someone's real memories, the summoning and appearence of the heart is the same except it is used to help people in trouble. She blows the heart as if she is blowing a kiss, as it flies straight to her opponent and hits them which causes their body to turn pink for a few seconds, makes them fall unconscious, and they wake up, feeling confused.

Fuchsia fury - She jumps into midair as she clenches her fist as a ball of pink energy surrounds it and then throws a hard and fast meteor-like punch in an upper-cut motion that strikes two to five times in a row, which can blast away an enemy that is aiming for her. This ability is used very rarely and only in extreme instances as a last resort, such as when supervillians make her extremely angry.

Claw slash - A simple attack that is made by scratching the opponent with claws

Tail spike - Her back is turned to her opponent, and she slaps them with her spiked tail

Slime attack - A green slimeball is shot from the palms of her hands and at her opponent, which transforms them into a lizard for the remander of the fight

Bomb attack - She leaps up into the air, curls into a ball, and slams back down to stun and damage several opponents at a time in battle

Mega punch - She performs a strong and powerful punch thrown very hard with incredible muscle-packed power on the opponent by jabbing them in a swift fashion with her fist, the punch leaves behind a white trail of energy

Mega kick - She jumps into the air and swings her leg, while her foot becomes surrounded in red energy, and then performs an extremely powerful kick with great intense force launched with muscle-packed power on the opponent

Neck grab - The opponent is picked up up by the back of the neck, and slammed down on the ground

Neck bite - An attack where she starts off grabbing her opponent, then she bites their neck and breaks it, flips over the opponent, and kicks the opponent's back which breaks their spine

Rage - A power up move that is created by thinking about things that frustrate her, where she jumps into the air, and kicks her opponent on the chest, causing them to be knocked out instantly

Babality - A technique where she turns herself into a baby, and then she gets out her wiggle stick and wiggles

Transformation - A technique where she is able to change from a human into a saurian if she concentrates really hard

"I'M HAPPY!" - A taunt that consists of a little dance, cracking up laughing, and then saying "I'm happy!"


"Hi, my name is Sauria. And if you want to mess with me, prepare to fight." *her introduction to an opponent in a kombat battle*

"I'd like to thank everyone who has supported me on this journey to the winners' circle, I greatly appreciate it." *her speech after she wins a kombat tournament*


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Sauria is an obivious parody of Mona Lisa from the original TMNT cartoon, since both of them are former humans who were mutated into humanoid lizards by their kidnappers and learned martial arts after their mutations.