Scatterbrain, Jr.
Skyler is a fan-made Mr. Men character created by Sabrina1985.

About himEdit

Skyler is the son of Mr. Scatterbrain and Miss Helpful. He was born in Dillydale on November 21st, 2007. Skyler is a magenta pear-shaped semi-circle with a tuft of blonde hair, blue eyes, and a large pink nose. He has inherited many traits from both of his parents, and even has a mixture of both a New York and a Texan accent. Skyler inherited his father's love of animals, and also his mother's habit of wanting to help everyone, but ending up making everything worse. Because of both his clumsiness and combined New York-Texan accent, he gets picked on by some of the older students at school. The bullies think that Skyler talks funny, and so they start to gang up on him, until Tristan chases them away with tickles.


Papa Scatterbrain (grandfather)

Mama Scatterbrain (grandmother)

Mr. Scatterbrain (father)

Miss Helpful (mother)

Miss Scatterbrain (aunt)

Mr. Muddle (uncle)

Taikino (cousin)

Jurai (cousin)


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Relationships with people outside of his familyEdit

Tristan - He is Skyler's best friend, and they met on the first day of school at Dillydale Daycare, when the former rescued the latter from some older students who were picking on him.

Miss Hurt - She will be Skyler's girlfriend in the future.

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