The Lylat System is a fictional solar system from Nintendo's video game series, Star Fox.

General informationEdit

The Lylat system is located near the center of the Milky Way galaxy. It has many different planets in it.

List of planetsEdit

VENOM - First planet of the Lylat system, its beauty was once second only to Corneria's, but now it is polluted and full of dangerous pschokinetic traps.

TITANIA - Titania is a cold, desert-like mining planet kept livable by a climate control unit. The once-beautiful planet was transformed into a sandy wasteland and dust ejected into space formed its rings.

MACBETH - Third planet of Lylat, Macbeth is a hollow, volcanic world inside a red interior. But the outer surface is where many Lylatians have made their homes, and there is also a train station, where a gigantic train carries supplies to distant bases.

CORNERIA - Corneria is the fourth planet of the Lylat system, known as the "bread basket" of the system. It is varied in climate and generally portrayed as temperate with pleasing mountain ranges and well-developed cities. A few famous Lylatians were born here, and it is the head of government for the system.

FORTUNA - Fortuna is the fifth planet of the Lylat system. This planet is an icy and barren world with a single large installation visible in the center of the area.

PAPETOON - Papetoon is the Lylat equivalent of Sherwood Forest for the Star Fox team after they were banished from Corneria for opposing Andross. It is farther out than Sauria, making it not a part of the Lylat system.

ELADARD - A very industrial planet that is littered with many factories, all once used by the forces of Venom led by Andross during the Lylat Wars. As a result, its atmosphere was horribly polluted and little were able to live there. But now it is a beautiful planet, and home to many people.

METEOR LAND - An artificial asteroid intended to be an amusement facility dubbed "Meteor Land".

METEO - Two asteroid belts that surround Corneria.

SECTOR X - A debris-filled path to Titania.

SECTOR Y - A strange, almost sea-like area of space populated by space-faring creatures.

SECTOR Z - A junk-filled region of space on the way to Macbeth.

SOLAR - This is Lylat's sun, although it has giant rocks shooting out of it.

ZONESS - An oceanic planet that was once the lush, beautiful, luxurious vacation spot of the Lylat system. But, the planet was turned into a toxic dump, mutated the once majestic sea life of the planet into hideous mutant creatures. Even the planet's food ended up becoming savage enemies, due to the mutative polluting.

KATINA - A desert-like world, except for a number of Cornerian bases and a species of unusual plant life.

AQUAS - A planet that is almost completely aquatic. Aquas was once a normal planet until Bacoon had all the ice melted, thus flooding the entire planet.

AREA 6 - An armada-filled region of space near Venom. Area 6 is part of a ring of Venom air defense zones encircling the planet. It is where most of Andross's armada was located.

BOLSE - This space station orbits near Venom. Bolse is Venom's defense satellite, an enormous rectangular space station with a platform-like structure near its midsection. Despite its powerful shield generators, large numbers of defense turrets and its on-board fighter compliment core.

SPACE ARMADA - A space armada where one can actually fly inside and between giant starships.

THE AWESOME BLACK HOLE - A secret black hole in the asteroid belt, it will take you from Corneria to Venom. And there will always be a projection of someone's image to guide you out. The projection images are of people who have gotten lost, and are trapped in the black hole.

SAURIA - The planet where various dinosaur species and other untamed and brutal creatures live. This planet is portrayed with the most radical biomes--deserts, oceans, plains, and frozen tundra. Sauria is a beautiful, majestic planet of multiple environments in the far reaches of the Lylat system.

CERINIA - The home planet of Krystal, and all the planet's inhabitants, including Krystal's parents, were killed. It is implied that the planet itself was destroyed as well, it's population was likely very large.

SARGASSO HIDEOUT - A very popular hideout for criminals near Sector Y, surrounded by asteroids.

THE ORBITAL GATE - A hi-tech space station floating in Corneria's orbit used for quick warping from Corneria to the Aparoid homeworld.

KEW - Not much is known of the planet, but it may or may not be a part of the Lylat system.

APAIROID HOMEWORLD - A planet where the Aparoid queen lives. The homeworld core exists beneath the surface, and is where the Aparoid queen made her domain. The Aparoids protected the queen with a shield generator blocking the entrance to the homeworld core. The entire planet was destroyed along with the Aparoid queen by a special self-destruct program created by Beltino Toad. The Aparoid homeworld is not in the Lylat system. Aparoids that had spread to other planets were also destroyed when the homeworld exploded.

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