Yellow Fire Rights Fighters

Yellow Fire

Yellow Fire is the Superhero alter ego of Brainiac Adam and a member of the Rights Fighters.

About himEdit

Adam Hughes used to attend a trampoline club, but because of his autism, he was kicked out of the club and it had hurt him. Later he joined a self-advocacy organisation known as Vale People First, and this helped him get his self-esteem back.

He soon met with a Fairy Godmother who was the guardian of Vale People First. She helped him join in the activities Vale People First do, such as playing games, starring in movies, organising surprises, going to magical places like Rainbow Road

One day, the Fairy Godmother gave Adam special powers which would allow him to become a superhero of his choice. Adam thought about it and decided on one, known as "Yellow Fire".

By spinning around, the transformation into Yellow Fire is activated. Adam was overjoyed it worked and with the help of the Fairy Godmother, tested all his abilities, and since his transformation into Yellow Fire, he became one of the UK's most respected superheroes.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Yellow Fire has several special superpowers that include

  • Flight
  • Immunity from murder weapons such as knives, guns and poison
  • Invulnerbility
  • Super Strength
  • Super Speed
  • Control over bright yellow flames (Pyrokinesis)


  • He suffers from seasonal allergic conjunctivitis, also known as hayfever during late spring and early summer, but summer is his favourite season however
  • When he gets angry, his heat becomes dangerous and uncontrollable
  • After his conflicts with villains such as Dark Magic & Night Terror, he has suffered dreadful curses before, such as limited powers.
  • If he ever loses one of his close friends such as Princess Peach, his pet dogs Honey and Misty, and his girlfriend Sabrina/Fuchsia Heart, or anybody else who means the world to him, that weakens his powers.
  • Despite being immune to murder, he is mortal
  • As he can fly, wind can be a weakness for him as he does get literally blown away.

Friends and alliesEdit

Yellow Fire's friends and allies include

Catgirl, Supergirl, Dr. DJ, Mini-Me, Blue Lantern, Princess Diversity, Purple Rain, Sabrina1985/Fuchsia Heart, Jamie Lianne Cranston/Rainbow Ranger, Rockland Ketron, Jamison Reynolds, The Fairy Godmother, Princess Peach Toadstool, Rita Repulsa, Honey the dog, Misty the dog, Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup, Butterfly, Bunny, Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Princess Daisy Petals, Rita Peaches, Paula Janine Bentley/Green Beauty, Jennifer Fields (J.U.M.P.), Taven, Freddie Mercury, Little Miss Sexy, Lola Bunny, Sans the skeleton, and Papyrus the skeleton

Enemies and rivalsEdit

Yellow Fire's enemies and rivals include

Wario, Bowser, Dr. Lovekill, MJ, The Joker, Dr. Wiz, Hardened Heartless, Sasha Winchester/Dark Heart, Alan/Green Ice, The Mask, Dark Magic, Ricardo, Quan Chi, Daegon, Jessica (D.U.M.P.), Little Miss Ruthless, Vonnie the bunny, Nega Sans, and Nega Papyrus

Role in Rights FightersEdit

Yellow Fire movie scene

Yellow Fire in the Rights Fighters movie.

In the movie, the Rights Fighters, Yellow Fire appears when some young people came to a nightclub, until they were stopped by two rude bouncers. Yellow Fire flew in to punish the bouncers by grabbing them by the ears and lets the young people into the nightclub.

Role in Rights Fighters 2012Edit

In the new Rights Fighters movie, Yellow Fire returns in
Yellow Fire fight scene

Yellow Fire in the 2012 Rights Fighters Movie

the final scene to help out the new Rights Fighters defeat a gang of supervillains and succeeds. He defeats The Joker in the fight. When the villains get defeated, Yellow Fire gives a speech and makes sure the community is safe.

Mr. RangersEdit

Yellow Fire appeared in the Mr Rangers as the superhero alter ego of Mr Brainiac. He transformed into him to fight the Menacing Mal-Eleve and of course wins.

Role in Sabrina1985's mediaEdit

In Sabrina1985's headcanon, Fuchsia Heart is Yellow Fire's closest friend and biggest fan who greatly admires, loves, and respects the yellow superhero, and he is the love of her life. They started off as friends and their friendship had just continued to grow from there. Sometime later, they started to become close friends and during this time, the fuchsia superheroine started having romantic feelings for him, but, she couldn't tell him because she didn't know how he would have reacted at the time, which is why she had to hide these feelings, even though she was madly in love with him. Unknown to Fuchsia Heart at that time, Yellow Fire started to have the same feelings for her too at the same time she began to fall in love with him. Yellow Fire is the boyfriend of Fuchsia Heart, and he became her boyfriend after one time when she went on vacation to visit her family and friends on Earth for a long time, Yellow Fire really missed Fuchsia Heart and that shows how much she really means the world to him, and they became close friends and partners who have loved and adored each other ever since. Yellow Fire is also very good friends with Adam Legend.


  • Superman from DC comics as they are both popular superheroes
  • Human Torch from Marvel comics as they have fire powers and can fly.
  • Superted from his namesake series as they are superheroes from Wales.
  • Wolverine from Marvel comics as they are superheroes who wear yellow.